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 EG RIP's debut

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EG RIP's debut Empty
PostSubject: EG RIP's debut   EG RIP's debut I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 11:45 pm

the camera roles around the crowd until suddenly the lights go out

the crowd begins to yell in fear

Commentator 1: what the heck is going on

Commentator 2: i don't know but i don't like it

suddenly the lights turn to blood red

the crowd gets more frightned

Commentator 2: now i'm more scared

an evil voice starts talking

the camera and the crowd looks around to see who it is but no one is there

evil voice: I'm Here *Evil Laugh*

the camera shows an over head view of the arena

Commentator 1: who... whos here

evil voice: you people may not know who i am or where i came from but soon you will find out who i am and what i can do to every single person in XFWA

evil voice: so gm be careful who you put in front of me because what happens to them will be not in mine or their hands but in YOURS *Evil Laugh*

the camera looks in the rafters and in doing so sees a shadow of a person

Commentator 1: hey look whos shadow is that

Commentator 2: i don't know but the camera man looks to scared to find out... i would be to

evil voice: i'm here for 2 reasons only one is to destroy and become the most feared person in the whole world

evil voice: and to send everyone in that locker room STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! *Evil Laugh*

the camera stays looking in the rafters but the shadow soon goes away

the lights turn back on

Commentator 1: whos shadow was that in the rafters

Commentator 2: i don't know but who is going to find out because i'm not

Commentator 1: i'm not either that was the scariest thing i ever saw

Commentator 2: you got that right
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EG RIP's debut
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