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 8th Show of 3rd Season PPV Deception 17/10/2010

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PostSubject: 8th Show of 3rd Season PPV Deception 17/10/2010   Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:18 pm

The German Dyn. & Steve "Sting" B. VS The Bull & Destroyer Vilius TAG Championship

Seltor VS Bill Goldberg Last Blood 4 No. 1 Contender

The Wiseman Undisputed Champ VS Daniel Johnson

Big Daddy Cool Deisle VS bruiser brody DEADHEARTED CHAMP

jeffrey nero hardy & Joe McGee VS The Latino Heat & LDogg

Sanctus Paladin VS "The Godfather"DTM

Mordukai VS DocCrock

The Killah VS "Cyber Ninja" G. F. Cage Match NEW!!

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8th Show of 3rd Season PPV Deception 17/10/2010
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