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 6th Show of 3rd Season 2010/10/10

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PostSubject: 6th Show of 3rd Season 2010/10/10   Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:31 pm

David "Lockup" Johnson VS S. "Razor Ramon" H.

Big Daddy Cool Deisle VS True Humiliation Last Blood

Shapeshifter VS Prince of Saxon

The Wiseman Undisputed Champ VS "Cyber Ninja" G. F. XFWA Undisputed Champ

Bill Goldberg VS bruiser brody DEADHEARTED Champ

Mordukai VS Ph�nix

Uranus & Cenation VS Freeway & "The Godfather"DTM

The Janitor VS Sidewinder

The Imogulator VS Kezz Tackle

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6th Show of 3rd Season 2010/10/10
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