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 Hoerms Locker Room

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Hoerms Locker Room Empty
PostSubject: Hoerms Locker Room   Hoerms Locker Room I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 30, 2010 6:32 pm

The cam shows Hoerms sitting in his locker room throwing a ball up and down.
Hoerms: I know your winningstreak will go on. These three guys, because you know you can't call them fighter, aren't able to hold you back on your way to a title. In every match you dominate your opponent, well lets call them sparingpartner. You beat the hell out of them. You...

Hoerms recognized the cam which enters the room to show who he's talking to but there's only a mirror.

Hoerms: Oh come on lets get out of my room. I dont allow you to enter.

Hoerms pushes the cam out and slams the door.
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Hoerms Locker Room
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