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 TBS revenge 27/11 (parking lot)

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TBS revenge 27/11 (parking lot) Empty
PostSubject: TBS revenge 27/11 (parking lot)   TBS revenge 27/11 (parking lot) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 10:11 am

A camera starts filming at the parkering lot when a nice car arrives and parks.. Out of the car comes Gray Fox and begins to walk into the locker rooms when TBS attacks him from behind with a steel chair

The Black Skeleton: Last week I said that I thought you were a nice guy. But it dosen't mean that I am! You'd spit me in the face last week and said you would leave me bloody in the ring next time!

TBS hits Gray Fox three times on the back with the steel chair

The Black Skeleton: Who is the one that's laying down now? Huh?

The Black Skeleton grabs the arm of "Ciber Ninja" Gray Fox and puts it between the legs
and the grabs the opponent with both hands around the jaw executing a violent Hells Crossface
The Black Skeleton keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold
The Black Skeleton keeps his DESTRUCTIVE submission hold
The Black Skeleton releases the grab

Gray Fox lays down on the floor screeming

The Black Skeleton: DON'T EVER spit in my face again!! And most important of all.. DON'T EVER try to play mind games with me again!!

TBS walks away and comes back with a very dirty toilet

The Black Skeleton: Well last week you had to clean up some toilets in the bathrooms. Tonight you can have to do it inside your own car!

TBS pics up the toilet and throws it through the front window of the car

The Black Skeleton: Next time you do something like that again then think about who the guy is. And one more thing you got to watch my match tonight against The Wiseman and wins the title in that Last Blood Match because I am taking over the XFWA with storm!!

TBS kicks Gray Fox in the midsection and leaves
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TBS revenge 27/11 (parking lot)
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