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 The Bull recruiting

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--*The bull*--

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The Bull recruiting Empty
PostSubject: The Bull recruiting   The Bull recruiting I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 1:22 pm

The Bull is seen on parking lot, and he call with The Abandoned Child

The Bull: ......Com'n Abandoned Child i need wrestlers like you. We must cooperate and beat The Icons......What?..... Ok i wait, see ya later.

The Bull dial some number.

The Bull: Hi Freeway do you have a little time?... Ok i want give you a chance to join my stable because we wrestle together before and we were good and now, when titles hold those punks, you have chance to get to history of XFWA..... Aha. Oh sh*t wait on minute.

Cenation just arrived in his car

The Bull hide behind column and talk very quiet.

The Bull: Very sorry Freeway but now i have trouble. Think about that and call me back ok? Bye pal.

Cenation walks in the direction of lockers

The Bull: We'll see how you are strong when somebody takes you from behind.

The Bull grab a steel pipe, and in sprint hits Ceantion to back of the head.

The Bull: How you feel ha? It's not funny when somebody hit you to the face.

Suddenly exclaim some voice

Bill "The Man" Goldberg: Hay, Cenation are you okay? I hear something.

The Bull: Bye in hospital.

And The Bull run away

Bill "The Man" Goldberg come to parking lot and he see Cenation on ground

Camera cuts
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The Bull recruiting
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