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 Brothers team up (parking lot)

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david Johnson

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Brothers team up (parking lot) Empty
PostSubject: Brothers team up (parking lot)   Brothers team up (parking lot) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 3:54 am

Daniel Johnson is seen leaving the arena

David Johnson runs up to Daniel

David: Hey bro! its been awhile since I have seen you probably about twelve years

Daniel: Yeah somewhere around there... What have you been up to?

David: Same old Same old... Hey! maybe we could team up and try taking that Tag team gold

Daniel: Sounds like you got the right idea little bro

David: Good I'm sure Janitor won't just let me make the Title match right away so me and you have to win a tag match next week alright?

Daniel: Hey man I'm on your team! you have nothing to worry about

David: Alright see you later then bro

Daniel Johnson hops in his car and drives away

David Johnson has a smile on his face
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Brothers team up (parking lot)
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