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 See No Evil meeting (10/01)

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PostSubject: See No Evil meeting (10/01)   See No Evil meeting (10/01) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 28, 2010 1:08 am

**** Seltor, The Wiseman, The Legend --- you guys are welcome to add comments... I hate putting words in your mouth Smile ****

See No Evil members The Wiseman, Seltor, The Legend, and Sidewinder are meeting backstage in preparation for tonight's big show."

The Wiseman: "We got our hands full tonight... I got Daniel Johnson in a title match."

Seltor: "And Uranus is going to try to win my New Art Championship."

The Legend: "I don't even know what I'm doing here. Tonight is my last match. I'm leaving the fed."

The Wiseman stares The Legend straight in the eyes before slamming his head between the knees and reaching over grabs and lifts The Legends body and falls to his knees performing a piledriver well executed. The Legend is laying unconscious on the ground.

Sidewinder: "The rest of us need to stick together guys... We all need backup sometimes. I recommend at least one other member to be ringside at all our matches, Except The Legend... I hope he gets his butt kicked. We can not fail tonight!"

Amber Sweet walks in and the guys get quiet.

Amber Sweet: "Excuse me Mr Sidewinder... If I can interrupt you guys for a moment... Welcome to the Pay-Per View event of the season."

Sidewinder: "Sweet Amber... Our fans know that evil never sleeps and works over time at these Live Evil shows. Couple that with Pay-Per-View and I fear that evil will be here full force tonight. So we've assembled a strong team of 'See No Evil' in attempts to keep evil at a minimum. No rest for the weary."

Amber Sweet: "Tonight you will go toe to toe with DocCrock in an 'Evil Check' match... Surely you don't suspect him of demonic possession."

Sidewinder: "Ridding our federation of evil is our top priority. No wrestler in the XFWA is exempt from evil checks. Even the GM will be checked when we can get a matched booked. So to answer your question, my suspicions aside, I will check all wrestlers on the roster that are within my range. Tonight it's DocCrock and next week it's going to be Ravenous. Everybody be warned. Evil will not be tolerated in the XFWA!"

Amber Sweet: "That makes me wonder when I'll get my check up?"

Fade to black.

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See No Evil meeting (10/01)
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