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 Black and White Sun Bio

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PostSubject: Black and White Sun Bio   Black and White Sun Bio I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 6:54 am

Heel/Face: Face

Height: 225 pounds

Weight: 6"8

Nationality: American

Hometown: Hawley,Pa

Age: 18

Real Name: Robert Ceuliva

Bio : Ceuliva was born and raise in Hawley, Pennsylvania. His parents George and Patty Ceuliva are both doctors at Boulor Memorial in PA. Roberts brother John was killed in a car crash, and was found a week later. Rob dropped out of highschool at 16 years of age to get married and pursue his wrestling carreer. His wife killed herself 3 days after the wedding and one day after her parents house was burned down with them in it.
Roberts life was hard, but he was able to work through it and become what he alwayed dreamed of.
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Black and White Sun Bio
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