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 I Have a Dream... but are you Evil enough ?

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PostSubject: I Have a Dream... but are you Evil enough ?   Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:39 am

Okay, I'm new to the fed, but I know RP and want to show my skills to the GM in hopes he will recruit me for even larger tasks in the future...

For my first season in XFWA, I'm looking for a stable to fight against... Something like CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society... Let's call them "The Evil Squad", or something similar... Up to you... Show me what you got Smile

I want a match against each member of this "Evil" stable during the season. With an ending that I'll reveal later, maybe in a "Last Blood" title match against the stable leader (hint, hint). Heads shaved, total humiliation, asimilation etc.(something similar... Share your ideas)...

Does anybody see where I'm going with this? Are you ready to play the game?

Put your best foot forward and answer my challenge... I'm ready to play! Are you?

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I Have a Dream... but are you Evil enough ?
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