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 Like A Boss

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PostSubject: Like A Boss   Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:43 am

Hello everyone, I'm Mr. CEO. I'm an expert RP writer and a TWG enthusiast.

Name: Mr. CEO

Height: 6,5

Face/Heel/Neutral: Heel.

Description: Looks down on those who look up at him, a CEO on a wrestling rampage= Mr. CEO

RP Demo:

(Mr. CEO walks out to the ring, the fans have a burning hatred in their hears about what they did to Default. They resort to throwing things at him. He keeps a dark smirk on his face. He slides into the ring and raises a mic to his lips)

Mr. CEO: I see some people don't agree with what I did last week.

(The fans continue to boo and throw popcorn and soda all over Mr. CEO.)

Mr. CEO: HEY! These suits cost money, so unless your gonna let me talk I'm gonna sue you!

(The fans let up, but continue to boo)

Mr. CEO: As I was saying, Default had it coming, he continually annoyed and insulted me, And I was tired of it. I'm not going to stand back while some loser insults the most important person in this federation! Thats why I turned to my trusty tie to choke him, thats why I smashed his brains out with a steel chair, and you know what? I will do it again!

(The crowd continues to boo.)

Mr. CEO: SHUT UP! You have no.....

(VGM Default2 walks to the ramp from backstage)

VGM Default2: Well you sure aren't very good with people are you?

Mr. CEO: I would be if people weren't so stupid!

VGM Default2: Well I believe somebody who you don't like very much has a match against you. Tonight you face Default in your first ever singles match!

Mr. CEO: No, I haven't signed a contract...

VGM Default2: The only contract I need is your employment contract, now excuse me but I have things to do.

(Mr. CEO has a harsh expression on his face as the camera cuts.)
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Like A Boss
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