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 Alex Dynamite

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Alex Dynamite

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PostSubject: Alex Dynamite   Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:49 pm

Attitude: Heel
Class: Speed
Theme music: Darren Styles "Outta my head"
Bio: Born in Liverpool England. Alex grew up knowing he was capable but never lived to his limit. He always was bullied in school. After leaving school he moved to America to seek a new life. Alex was a hard working man. He was like every other 18 year old. Doing a job he hates. Couldnt care less that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best mate. Until one day at work Alex's supervisor started to yell at him for no reason. Then something clicked in his head. Brick stood up walked up to her and said "Shut up, We realise your hurt because you can't find any to comfort. We know you hide jelly doughnuts in your bra for lunch. We know your parents abandoned you when your were 14. Are you suprised though you have the biggest most annoying mouth in all of America." Alex walked away and went home to catch his best mate giving his girlfriend one from the behind. Alex snuck in walked up behind his mate and tapped him on the shoulder. When his mate turned round he punched his mate in the face and knocked him clean out and then yelled his girlfriend "YOUR DUMPED NOW TAKE YOU AND YOUR SORRY BUT BUDDIE OUT OF HERE NOW". Now whenever Alex goes anywhere he instantly gets respect. Then a school for Shaolin Monks opened. Alex Enrolled and earned a scholarship there. Then a man came to visit the school in hopes for skillful youths. Finding Alex, The Janitor came and offered him the lowest job available, a jobber. Now 3 years later Alex is a professional mixed martials arts fighting earning his keep at the TWG.

Gimmick. Alex is a moody heel wrestler as he feels hes been robbed. As for this anyone whos annoys him gets hit by his finisher "Explosion".
Alex trys to help the GM as much as possible to get a higher pay. All his fed mates so this is sucking up to the boss but Alex just says its a way of making a living.

Taunt: Kissin Dynamite
Trademark: Modified Knee Stomp
Finisher: Explosion
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Alex Dynamite
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