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 Displeased. Again?!?

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Displeased. Again?!? Empty
PostSubject: Displeased. Again?!?   Displeased. Again?!? I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 17, 2010 11:41 pm

The camera shows the interior of the gym.
The Gray Monkey Elder is training his skills in there.
Well, more like taking his anger out on some sandbags.

GME: "How dare they making me fight this Mr. Frost?
Who is this anyway? Should that sound cool or what?
this guy seems to play too much wideo games...
I mean...
Am I a freaking Paladin or why do I have to kill the Lichking here at the fed?
Smashed his fat ass in the Ice crown citadell more the often... frigging digghead."

With every sentence said one punching bag goes down on the ground.
After all sandbags age gone for good he turns to the ring standing there and grabs a turnbuckle.
At this moment the GM comes in.

GM: "Hello there, what are you doing? Screwing up the new gym?"

GME: "No! Not this time.
I do not have the time OR the nerves to argue with you right now.
Tell it to the hand cuz the head ain't no listening."

That said the Gray Monkey Elder turns away and leaves the gym heading towards the arena.

GM: "Hairy funny little fella.
I'm glad we reservated a real huge budget in the backhand when we appointed this guy..."

His head shaking he walks back into his office.
The camera fades.
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Displeased. Again?!?
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