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PostSubject: complain (1)   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:10 pm

GM Facemen is sitting behind his desk sorting papers as the door gets smashed down. He looks up surprised as the Gray Monkey Elder flies in riding on his flying tiny silver cloud.

GME: "What were you thinkng setting me up on my tagteam partner?
Wasn't it a disgrace already to team me up with this ... guy without asking beforehand?"

GM: "Ermm. Well, I thought it was what you wanted?
Last time I saw you you were heavily complaining 'bout the teaming..."

GME: "Hey guess what!

the GM is rather amused by the insults spouted at him than angered.
He smiles a little.

GM: "And what should I do with this now? In YOUR opinion?"

The Gray Monkey Elder smirks.

GME: "Do nothing as you should have done before!
I will work this out and use this opportunity to set things straight with the so called Mr. Amazing."

GM: "So I DID you a favor, right?"

the Gray Monkey Elder stares at the GM furiously.

I am just cleaning up the mess you've made."

He turns to the broken down door.

GME: "And keep this in mind: I choose my opponents myself.
No one messes with me. NO ONE!"

He leaves the office.
The GM sits still in his chair and thinks about what was said.

GM: "In the end I will indeed make the decisions who fights whom.
Well it will be a fun time with this ape guy."

As he wants to look down on his papers again a banana comes flying through the smashed door and hits him in the face.
Banana juice drenches all the papers on the desk.

GM: "Maybe not... future will show if I can stand this guy or have to kick his hairy butt on the street again.
Damn he broke down the door again. Sure hope this does NOT become a habit of his..."

the camera fades.
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