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 Beating the reporter

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PostSubject: Beating the reporter   Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:53 am

A Acura integra is shwon driving through the parking lot as a news paper reporter goes up to the car and waits for the person inside to come out

Amazing speaking over his loud speakers while he rolls down his windows: What do you want man?

Reporter: I was just wondering since my boss told me to do a report on this fed could you tell me about it?

Amazing: No now get out of here I have to face my tag partner tonight apparently.

Reporter: Please if I dont get this story I will be fired. Just tell me what goes on here.

Amazing: If you really want to know I will show you rather then tell you.

Mr.Amazing grabs the reportes head and starts to bang it on his car shattering all of his windows leaving the reporter a bloody mess

Amazing: Now you know what happens. Oh and by the way.

Amazing looks at his car and laughs

Amazing: You know owe me a new car. And it better be exactly how it was. If I find anything diffrent. Your gonna wish you never even met me.
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Beating the reporter
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