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 inauguration of the new gym

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PostSubject: inauguration of the new gym   Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:41 pm

The camera shows the interior of the newly opened gym.
The Gray Monkey Elder can be seen training his skills and raising his stats. Currently he's punching a sandbag like crazy improving his 'Punch'.
The Gm comes in.
GM: "Ah greetings my speaking friend. How's it going?"
Gray Monkey Elder: "Well to be honest I am quite pissed by the management. Putting me with another guy in a tagteam 2 days before the match... It was quite clear that we would loose to the well-rehearsed team of Bud and Terence. I met them in diferent house shows already and they are a terifying opponent if you cannot trust your partner to the fullest."
GM: "That is a pity. I was assured that you would have a equal chance of winning."
Gray Monkey Elder: "Yeah maybe I should search for the reason of our loss elsewhere."
GM: "Well then good luck with your practice! And keep on giving your best for the fed!"
Gray Monkey Elder: "Hm... yeah... sure... whatever."
The Gray Monkey Elder turns around and leaves the gym riding his silver mini-cloud.
GM: "I can't make head or tail of this guy... Well as long he keeps going for the fed he can behave like he wants... It's not like he is the only strange guy we got."
A grin appears as fast as it vanishes on his face. Then he heads over to the lockerrooms to check on the wrestlers over there a bit.
The camera fades.
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inauguration of the new gym
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