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 Blingz "Armado'z" Broussard

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PostSubject: Blingz "Armado'z" Broussard   Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:29 pm

Name : BLingz

Popularity: 6. Professionist (519)

Fans: 1077

Fought matches: 2981 (W:1405 | L:1540| N/C:36)

Strength Strength (level 64)

Speed Speed (level 20)

Resistance Resistance (level 30)

Technique Technique (level 20)


V= victories D= defenses
2nd Lvl Champ: 1 V and 0 D
3rd Lvl Champ: 4 V and 2 D
6th Lvl Champ: 6 V and 5 D
7th Lvl Champ: 3 V and 2 D
8th Lvl Champ: 11 V and 42 D
9th Lvl Champ: 5 V and 84 D
11th Lvl Champ: 4 V and 27 D
12th Lvl Champ: 4 V and 10 D
13th Lvl Champ: 6 V and 10 D
14th Lvl Champ: 3 V and 19 D
15th Lvl Champ: 7 V and 30 D
16th Lvl Champ: 1 V and 2 D


1. Before entrance: Sound of machinegun's shots (100)
2. Titan tron: Spark shower over the Titan Tron (100)
3. Vehicle: Limousine with chaffeur (100)
4. Companion: 3 Paparazzi (20)
5. Ring: Pyros at the four corners of the ring (20)

Finisher :

Blingz Bloody Atomic Buster

-BLingz stand still while his opponent is lying on the floor he grabs his opponent on his shoulder holding its two feet and jumps high
flying tornado in the sky and BOOM slam it to the ground executing a devastating Blingz Bloody Atomic Buster-

TradeMark Moves/Signature :

Blingz Sweet Chin Music

BLingz Bloody Piledriver

BLingz Last Assault
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Blingz "Armado'z" Broussard
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