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 Set Up Blingz And The GM

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PostSubject: Set Up Blingz And The GM   Mon May 31, 2010 10:17 am

-Blingz knock the door of GM office-

and a loud voice says come in..

GM FaceMan : what brings you here Blingz

Blingz : Some Important Questions for you..

GM FaceMan : ok please proceed

Blingz : What are the Date of the Match?

GM FaceMan : check out that Bulletin

Blingz : ok..

GM FaceMan : ....

Blingz : Before i go i would like you to set me a match hmm no a good match Fair and Square is it for good Mr GM?

- Blingz wait a reply from the GM of XFWA -

- GM FaceMan " Think about a good match for his fine Wrestlers " -
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Set Up Blingz And The GM
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