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 Eddie Guerrero RIP

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PostSubject: Eddie Guerrero RIP   Eddie Guerrero RIP I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 11:12 pm

Name: Eddie Guerrero RIP

short name: EG RIP

weight: 185

height: 6' 2"

gender: male

Age: 21

face/heel: Heel

personality: he his one of the most dangerous people in any fed and will not stop until his oppponent is sent straight to HELL

Eddie Guerrero RIP Joker

background: EG RIP was a calm easygoing person until he found himself getting takin and killed by mystery men and as the days went on the grave sight of his body started getting hit by lightning every day until 4 days later when he came back to life with a dark and sinister look and ever since that day he has takin everyone that looked happy and excited and sent them straight to HELL!! so if your in that locker room in XFWA than i would...OH SHIT *sounds of the narrator getting beatin up* EG RIP: be prepared to be sent straight to HELL...*Evil Laugh*

Finisher: Hell Ride

type: Strength

trademark moves:
diving axe handle

Traits: can not be frightned and is very hard to make him stunned
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Eddie Guerrero RIP
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