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 GME makes his appearance

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PostSubject: GME makes his appearance   Sat May 29, 2010 3:27 pm

The GM Facemen still sits at his desk looking through the form, contracts and other writings as the door gets knocked down and a big monkey stands in the doorway.

GM: "What the...?"

Gray Monkey Elder: "Iek IEEK Ieekik."

GM: "Wha? ... Ah! I read about you. You must be the gray monkey elder!"

Gray Monkey Elder: "Iek Ieeeek."

GM: "Well then. What business did bring you here?"

The gray Monkey elder hopps to the desk and slams a paper on top of it.

GM: "Lemme see!"

He looks over it.

GM: " Ah your contract, I see. Well at least you can write your name..."

He looks at the monkey the on the contract again.

GM: "Normally I would ask you now, what brings you here and what u can do for this fed, but I guess this isn't quite possible, right?"

Gray Monkey Elder: "Ieeek. IEEEK Ieeeieeek."

GM: "Hm. Yeah.. Sure, my mistake. Well then welcome ton the XFWA!"

Gray Monkey Elder: "Well thanks.. Ooops! I mean: Iek?"

The GM looks at the monkey baffled.

GM: "You speak?"

Gray Monkey Elder: "Well a little bit.
I can count to 20 when using my hands and feet, you know."


The GM jumps up and flees from his own office.
As he is gone, the gray monkey elder scratches his head.

Gray Monkey Elder: "Stupid humans! Always think they're the only ones with some intelligence."

He walks out of the office while shaking his head , scratching it and basing himself on his long twisted staff.
The camera fades.
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GME makes his appearance
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