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 Gray Monkey Elder

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PostSubject: Gray Monkey Elder   Gray Monkey Elder I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 2:19 pm

Name: Gray Monkey Elder

Weight: 60kg

Height: 1,30m

Gender: male

Skin/Hair color: gray

Type: Speed

Age: unknown

Origin: bounty hunter from outer space

Alignment: heel (except for his friend Watchout)

As he appears to be a gray monkey elder, he is... well guess what: GRAY wearing no clothes at all. just carrying a long twisted staff with some talismans and bones attached to it. But this appearance serves him just as a disguise on this planet.

GME is calm and thoughtful. As a bountyhunter from space he waits often (e)motionless for his prey to appear. He is also knowledgeable about all sorts of alien parasites and different creatures.

Special traits:
As he has wittnessed all kind of stuff, like exploding suns and such, nothing can really surprise him and accompanied always with countless monkeys he is NEVER alone. Often with Watchout, a earthling bearing an ancient evil inside his body, he wrestles to keep his stance and strength up.

more info gets revealed, when I come to it.

Trademark Moves:
Modified Standing Moonsault
Modified Moonsault
Modified West Coast Pop

Star Smashing Stare (DD)

Gray Monkey Elder grips the opponent's head
and stares into his opponent's eyes executing a devastating Star Smashing Stare
Mass Effect (PIN)
Gray Monkey Elder whistles loudly
and calls the countless monkeys in the audience that jump into the ring and pin the opponent down executing a devastating Mass Effect
Finishing Monkey Clutch (SUB)
Gray Monkey Elder gets around his opponent
and bents his opponent's arms around his body behind his opponent's neck in a very achy way executing a devastating Finishing Monkey Clutch

Quake II by Rob Zombie starts to play
thunder growls throughout the arena
Gray Monkey Elder makes his way to the ring
riding on a tiny silver cloud
and accompanied by four monkeys, his friends Watchout and twin nurses
countless lightnings hit the ringposts and enlighten the monkeys sitting on them

video (just the music!):

Gray Monkey Elder Grayap10

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PostSubject: Re: Gray Monkey Elder   Gray Monkey Elder I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 11:02 pm

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Gray Monkey Elder
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