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 deisle during the last show.

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PostSubject: deisle during the last show.   Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:13 am

Aumber Sweet:I'm backstage with former Deadhearted champion,Big Daddy Cool Deisle who later tonight gets his rematch for the title.Deisle can I get your thoughts on your match with Brody?The man who Beat you for the title earier this season and almost seems to do it with ease.

Deisle chuckles and pats her shoulder a couple of times.

]b]Deisle:[/b]Ofcourse beautiful,Well it's like you said it just seemed like he did beat me with ease.You see though I wasn't at 100% when that happened.Brody seem from what I've heard here in the back got his buddy True Humiliation and soften me up for him just before the match knowing that I'd go fight even with being attacked.

Deisle's face changes to a more surious look and his voice goes to a more angery tone. as he point to the camra s he starts talking again.

Deisle:This time Brody it's going to be different.This time you get the 7 foot monster not a weakened giant and just in case you get your little punk buddy TH to jump me again.I got both Ravenous and Uranus coming down with me to the ring.If you don't like that Brody than I don't give a S***.Tonight you're going to end up like True Humilaion last week.Knocked out in the middle of the ring in a pool of your own blood cause that is how we do things in the eWo.

Aumber Sweet:Well think you for talking with me and good luck tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: deisle during the last show.   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:19 pm

added to the show! Thx a lot!
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deisle during the last show.
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