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 eXtreme World order

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PostSubject: eXtreme World order   Wed May 26, 2010 5:46 pm

founding members past:Big Daddy Cool Deisle(founder and leader),ShootingStar,Big Buzzman,Bad Pie guy,Black Panfa.
Members added over the years.Jeff Chelios,"the Monster" Ravenous,GarChamp

Founded by Big Daddy while in the days of EBW,he brought in first Big Buzzman and Pie Guy to join up with himself and his already tag team partener ShootingStar.The four quickily became like brother and added Black Panfa before forming the brotherhood that is the eXtreme World Order.Extreme is all though the brotherhood.Size,speed,power,high flying, mat skills.Everything they bring to the table is eXtreme.They controled the EBW,YGWF,and LHW federations.Since the career ending injury of Big Buzzman and the closing of LHW the eWo has weakened a great deal. Now only Deisle,ShootingStar,Ravenous and Pie Guy remain. Every member has won gold at one point or another and the remaining members will have gold soon enough.
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david Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: eXtreme World order   Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:52 am

omg bad pie guy!!! he was my first feds gm!!
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eXtreme World order
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