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 Evil Check for Janitor? 10/10

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PostSubject: Evil Check for Janitor? 10/10   Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:03 am

Blind Mag is roaming the hallway and hears conversation behind The Janitors closet door.

Sidewinder: What on earth were you thinking when you booked yourself in an 'Evil Check' match?

The Janitor: It's time the fans find out if I'm possessed by demons... And the truth is, I've had some very disturbing dreams lately. So I really need to know if they are being caused by evil.

Sidewinder: If you insist, maybe we can make it happen tonight. You are partial to Steel Cage matches, but that won't work for an Evil Check.

The Janitor frowns... Cage matches are his specialty and has an advantage when his wife helps him.

The Janitor: But, but, but... I only do cage matches!

Sidewinder: Not tonight... I will have Seltor in my corner to keep your wife from interfering with the match. We're doing this match by the book.... Fair and square! Any interference or help by your wife will call for instant DQ and I will win!

Sidewinder thinks a bit... then smiles.

Sidewinder: Let's make it a first in the XFWA... I haven't had much experience with them, but I think a Hardcore match will get the fans in a frenzy.

Blind Mag is so excited she wets herself as the camera fades to black.
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Evil Check for Janitor? 10/10
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