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 Phönix freaks out

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PostSubject: Phönix freaks out   Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:58 am

Phoenix rushes in Janitor's office

Phoenix: Are you crazy? Why do they set such a monster. He is obsessed with the darkness. He is repelled by his actions the Federation to destruction. What is this?

* Janitor looks at him quizzically

Janitor: If you mean Mordukai then take a look yet at times his fights. People like him we need. Well, that he sometimes exaggerates is correct but it will improve our show, and play even more money.

* Phoenix is bursting with rage

Janitor: What? You should be glad that we got such a good fighter. Stop what you doing?

* Phoenix does Janitor and throws him through the table

Phoenix: Now hear me too well. I will destroy Mordukai tonight and throw him forever from this Federation. I'm not going to the darkness of the fire wins.

* Phoenix leaves the room

Later in the evening

* Phoenix is on its way to the ring

Janitor: Phoenix, I was thinking about your deeds and I've come to the conclusion that you now compete against me so that I can show you who has the say here.

* Phoenix is stunned

* Janitor laughs, but is immediately serious again

Janitor: If you win, you get a fight against Mordukai but you lose, you will welcome Mordukai reasonable.

Phoenix: I accept.
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Phönix freaks out
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