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 Help to learn Roleplaying

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PostSubject: Help to learn Roleplaying   Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:05 pm

Lance Goodison's Guide to RPing
This helped me out alot when my roleplays were 3 sentences long ( now i can even make a 5 sentences long RP @_@ )

What is roleplaying?
Roleplaying means creating a character and living out his life in written text. Roleplaying is dependent on people working together, reading what other characters do, and reacting to it if it has an interest to your own character. To be able to do this, you first need to decide what kind of character you're playing.

Developing your character
When breathing life into your character, you want to think of as many details as possible to make him interesting and unique. If you're not like all the others, players will notice you and what you say and do. If they do, they are prone to respond to your roleplaying contributions, which is what makes roleplaying fun! Exploring the following topics is a good place to start.
Alignment: Is he a good guy (baby face), a bad guy (heel) or something in between?

Appearance: How does he look? Does he have scars, tattoos, or piercings? How does he prefer to dress? What ethnicity does he have? Hairstyle? Perhaps his looks reveal something about his past or match his personality?

Personality: What kind of person is he? Serious or playful? Organized or fussy? Emotional or stone faced? Friendly or reserved? Trustworthy or treacherous? In a follow-up post, I'm going to
list a whole bunch of personality traits (borrowed from the Lord of the Rings RPG game). If you're not feeling very creative, or do not have time to think of something yourself, you can simply pick some of them and go from there. Also, what values does your character have? Does he have a catchphrase or motto he follows?

Biography: What brought your character into wrestling? Does his history bring him an edge on the competition? Does he have something to prove, a message to spread, something to avenge, and so on? Your character's history is very important when you roleplay, because it helps you find appropriate ways to behave in different situations. A character who has been betrayed before is likely to be very angry with someone who is not loyal to him. A character who is used to being poor might be very focused on the financial aspects of
wrestling success. Spice up your character's history! Make it interesting! Keep in mind that if your character is too incredible, he might look silly to others, but this is okay, because being silly is a common, and often entertaining gimmick all in itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Does your character have special strengths and weaknesses outside of the ring? For instance, is he a social person or awkward around other people? Does he have a secret that bothers him, or something from the past that he cannot let go of? Be creative. If you cannot think of anything, look to typical soap operas and the kind of conflicts you find in them. After all, basically, wrestling is soap where the actors get to bash each other's brains out! Keep in mind that you WANT other players to attack you, and
giving them a hint of what they might use against you might inspire them to take a shot at you. If they do, GREAT! That means you get to shoot them back! Many times if you want to. A good feud is not settled with one match. All of these things make up your wrestler's gimmick. Keep in mind that your gimmick can be changed at any time. For instance, in
real wrestling, you'll find wrestlers switching from face to heel or vice versa, and changing their gimmicks as it suits them (or the storyline writers anyway).

Ripoff wrestlers
Whatever you do, please don't copy a real life wrestler. Why would you want to be Hulk Hogan when you can be YOURSELF, living the life of a great wrestling star? Feel free to collect inspiration from real wrestlers, but do not try to BE them. Use your imagination - that is what roleplaying is all about! If you have given your character the name of a real wrestler
and do not care about roleplaying, that is fine. However, if you want to roleplay, you should either find a federation where people actually play real life wrestlers (I don't know whether there are any), or (my suggestion) reset your wrestler and start anew with a custom made, way more interesting character. In The Wrestling Game, it IS possible to change your name, but the cost of it, 25,000 FE, is so high that most would not consider it.

The roleplaying itself – writing flashes
You have given your character a personality and a motive for doing what he does. Now is the time for making use of it. A roleplaying contribution (a "flash"), involves your character delivering a message to someone or an opinion on something. The message can be to everyone else in your federation, a group of wrestlers, or a single wrestler that you would like to ally or feud with. The most important thing is what your character says, but it does not hurt fleshing out your flashes to make them interesting, not only to the recepients of your message, but to everyone else who might be reading it as well. A simple flash stars your wrestler in front of the camera sharing whatever is on his mind. A more advanced flash can describe your wrestler's whereabouts and what he does there (lounging in a park, making a statement at a press conference, doing paperwork in his million dollar office, etc), his company (life partner, children, manager, physioterapist, street gang, etc), his interest (acting, mountaineering, working out, etc). What is suitable for your character? What kind of people does he associate with? What activities does he indulge in outside of the ring? A daredevil high-flyer might climb a mountain top and deliver his message there. A dark and sadistic power tank might visit a friend in prison, telling him all about his plans for his career, right in front of the camera. Such scenarios make your flashes little stories instead of just monologues. It's not at all necessary spending time on this if you do not feel like it, but it will entertain your federation mates, and the practice will improve your creativity and writing abilities with time. If you're feeling creative, but do not have a subject to write about, that's okay too! A flash doesn't have to be about anything important. I recently wrote a piece describing my wrestler, Father Lance Goodison, handing over his old teddy bear to a little girl at an orphanage. It wasn't to deliver a specific message. It was simply to show what kind of person he is. This is helpful for your competitors in the federation, because it gives them a lot of information about your character which they can use when they interact with you. You'll find examples of flashes with a message, and flashes without one further

The parts that make a flash
As I have mentioned before, a flash can have many different components. Below, I have listed some of them.

Dialogue: If you want to make a statement, dialogue is the easiest way. You can voice your messages without it as well, but that take more creativity on your part.

Setting: Do you want to describe the environments of your character? Environments can easily be used to underline your character's personality or strengthen the message you want to send.

Action: Is your wrestler engaged in some kind of interesting activity?

Other people: Does your character interact with anyone? Is he speaking to a sports journalist? Taking advice from an old wrestling star? Yelling at his kids who are making a mess? Proposing to his soon-to-be life partner? A simple flash will simply have the character presenting his message to the federation's interviewer.
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david Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Help to learn Roleplaying   Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:18 pm

nice guide Face
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Help to learn Roleplaying
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