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 Bruiser Brody Basking In Victory

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bruiser brody

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PostSubject: Bruiser Brody Basking In Victory   Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:25 pm

* There is a loud commotion coming from the locker room of Bruiser Brody *

* A bloody Brody is pacing around the trashed room holding his new title belt *

Brody: "New DeadHearted Champion! How appropriate!"

* Brody pauses and approaches the camera *

Brody: "A small token...a reward for all the destruction I have left in my wake here in the XFWA!"

* Brody puts his bloody face right in the camera *

Brody: "XFWA!! It's time to wake up and recognize! Bruiser Brody is unleashed! And my path of destruction is only beginning! I have no heart, no compassion, no concern for anyone! I am ready for a fight! I am issuing an open challenge to anyone who dares step in the ring with me...just be prepared for the beating of your LIFE!"

* Camera fades to black *
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Bruiser Brody Basking In Victory
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