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 Big Daddy's bio

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PostSubject: Big Daddy's bio   Tue May 25, 2010 5:10 pm

Ht:7 feet
hometown:Anywhere's he wants to live.
Family:the eXtreme World Order
nicknames:Big D,Daddy,Big Daddy,Big Daddy Cool
Championships:JWF tag titles(with Shootingstar)EBW Intercontinal,YGWF Big Guns,LHW eXtreme Demons Champion, LHW Haunted Champion,GBU Hardcore Champion,GBU tag team champion(with ShootingStar),XFWA Heavyweight,XFWA Deadhearted

Deisle started Wrestling as a bodyguard for a GM who couldn't contral his stars.He soon started training with a fellow big man called Gord who trained him not only to use his size and power but to be smart and trained him in the art of submisson holds.Gord give Deisle his name after months of training.Becuase of his sheer size and power he"Ran over people like a diesel truck."Soon the weak gm closed down and Deisle left to join other federateions.After stepping out on his own he quickly won gold.He's a muilt time champion and is looking to wear gold again.He founded and leads the stable eWo which has diminated in every federation they've been in.He and Shootingstar make up the tag team known as Cool Star and they have only been defeated twice since forming.His nickname comes from his size for the Big Daddy part and the Cool comes from the fact that's he's doesn't sweat the big stuff or the little.He always remains in control of himself and because of his sense of humor.He enjoyings mocking his targets before running them over.

His style of wrestling is that of a blend of Kevin Nash and good amout of submission holds.He can make you tap just as easy as knocking you out though he enjoys over powering people more.He also sees himself as the only true giant on whatever roster he's in and the best big man in the bussness and will tell anyone about it.

desc:Long brown hair,hazal colored eyes, to the ring he wear either a leather vest or a eWo shirt with the sleves cut off.In ring he wears black leacher pants and a black tank top with either his name or eWo across the stomach.He wears size 19 boots that he love putting in the face of his opponents.

ENTRANCE:clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler’s greatest victories and most powerful moves
Big Daddy Cool Deisle makes his way to the ring
wearing a simple wrestling costume
mounting a custom chopper
with his lover who kisses him burning with passion
two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring

Trademakes moves:
Fuel Drop:Big Daddy Cool Deisle grabs his opponent lifting him on the shoulder
and slams him performing an devastating Fuel Drop!!

Piston Boot:Big Daddy Cool Deisle gets on the top turnbuckle
and leaps toward the opponent kicking him at the face, performing a devastating Piston Boot!!
Diesel Driver:Big Daddy Cool Deisle kicks the opponent's stomach, places the opponent's head between his legs
dropping him to the mat face first performing a HardCore Diesel Driver!!

Finishing moves:
Jackknife:Big Daddy Cool Deisle knees his opponent in the gut cuaseing him to bend over He set him up with his head between his legs in a powerbomb postion.Deisle than lifts him up and sheer drop releases the opponent slaming him to the mat executing a devastating Jackknife

Cloverlock:Big Daddy Cool Deisle places his opponents right ankle under his left knee and locks his hands together
and rolls his opponent roll onto his belly and sits down pulling on his back and legs executing an devastating Cloverlock

Sidewalk Slam:Big Daddy Cool Deisle stands beside his opponent and picks him up by the waist He holds with his back towards the mat
He moves his body with a small twist sitts down slaming his opponent hard to the mat He than hooks the opponents leg going for the pin executing a devastating Sidewalk Slam

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PostSubject: Re: Big Daddy's bio   Fri May 28, 2010 7:02 am

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PostSubject: Re: Big Daddy's bio   Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Big Daddy's bio   

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Big Daddy's bio
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