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 Rankings (As Of 9/24/2010)

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Matt Moore

Matt Moore

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PostSubject: Rankings (As Of 9/24/2010)   Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:35 am

Wrestler Name.___________ Opponent______________ Result/Score.
1)"Cyber Ninja" Gray Fox____ Samus Aran_____________ (V)-Pinfall 3
2)"The Monster" Ravenous:__ "Sting" & German Dynamite_ (L)-Pinfall *Pinned -1
3)Big Daddy Cool Deisle:____ Jeffrey Nero Hardy________ (V)-Pinfall 3
4)Big Loser:______________ The Legend______________ (D)-Time 1
5)Bill Goldberg:____________ FreeWay_______________ (V)-Pinfall 3
6)DocCrock:_______________ fbgnhdfgwsu___________ (V)-Pinfall 3
7)fbgnhdfjgwsu:___________ DocCrock_______________ (L)-Pinfall -1
8)FreeWay:_______________ Bill Goldberg____________ (L)-Pinfall -1
9)Gray Monkey Elder:________ The Imogulator_________ (V)-Pinfall 3
10)Jeffrey Nero Hardy:_______ Big Daddy Cool Deisle____ (L)-Pinfall -1
11)Kezz Tackle:____________ Phonix________________ (L)-Submission -1
12)Phonix:________________ Kezz Tackle____________ (V)-Submission 3
13)Samus Aran:____________ "Cyber Ninja" Gray Fox___ (L)-Pinfall -1
14)Shapeshifter:___________ The Janitor_____________ (L)-Pinfall -1
15)Steve "Sting" Borden:_____ Ravenous & Uranus_____ (V)-Pinfall *Winner 3
16)The German Dynamite:____ Ravenous & Uranus_____ (V)-Pinfall 3
17)The Imogulator:__________ Gray Monkey Elder_____ (L)-Pinfall -1
18)The Janitor:______________ Shapeshifter__________ (V)-Pinfall 3
19)The Legend:_____________ Big Loser_____________ (D)-Time 1
20)Uranus:_______________ "Sting" & German Dynamite_ (L)-Pinfall -1
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david Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: Rankings (As Of 9/24/2010)   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:42 pm

may i suggest putting just the W/L streak in the FED startin this season at the end and not having the opponent?

and then just have a comment at the end of each persons line on why they got so high?
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Rankings (As Of 9/24/2010)
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