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 reunion and new members

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PostSubject: reunion and new members   Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:37 am

Deisle and Ravenous sit in the eWo lockerroom. prepairing for the rest of the night.

Deisle:You know brother Things just aren't the way the should be.I mean I still have gold so that didn't change but look around.

Ravenous looks about the room

Deisle:It's just you and I now.Most of our brothers are retired.Star thinks he lost is power and steped away from the ring.Pie is locked up in some mental place for people like him and Buzzman got taken out by though two punks back in LHW.Well tonight brother,I got a match for my title with one of the new guys the GM heired over the break.I want you to be at ringside for it man cause I'm not as young as I used to be and we know nothing of this guy.

Ravenous nods and goes to say something but is cut off by the opening of the door.Both he and Deisle turn to see a old masked man leaning on chushes.Deisle and Ravenous stand up quickly and greet the masked man.

Buzzman:How's the two biggest baddest men I know doing?

Ravenous Salutes Buzzman.

Ravenous:It's good to see you Boss.

Buzzman Salutes back

Buzzman:I can't believe you're still doing that Ravenous.Anyways guys,I'm here cause I've seen what's been happeneing here.The eWo has fallen to a shell of it's old self.I'm here to fix that.I've been talking to Janitor and he's heired on a few guys i've gotten to know and some Pie knows.I will bring them to you two slowly.Consider this next few weeks as Try out.Also tonight,Janitor is giving Ravenous and one of the new bloods to the eWo, Uranus a title shot at the tag belts.So things my brothers are going to be different.

Ravenous grins evily bearting his still animal like sharp teeth.

Buzzman:One more thing Ravenous before you leave well Big D and I talk more about the new blood.

Buzzman pulls out a large black ski mask like the one he wears and gives it to Ravenous.

Ravenous:I will wear this with pride and to honor all you taught me.

Buzzman:I know you will now please leave man,Big man here and I got alot to go over.

Ravenous lexits as Buzzman sits down and he and Deisle start talking.
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david Johnson

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PostSubject: Re: reunion and new members   Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:37 pm

David "lock-up" Johnson walks in

David Johnson: Hey i heard you were saying that all your members are retiring and having alot of problems. How bout i join you guys! i am tough i am quick and i am a friend of one of your old members... BPG

Ravanger, Buzzman and Deisle star at David for a second


add on deisle or any other member
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PostSubject: Re: reunion and new members   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:12 am

Buzzman looks over at Deisle who shrugs

Buzzman:Well if you were able to hang around Pie without him stabing you or something....I guess it wouldn't heard to have you in on a trail bases.What do you think big brother?

Deisle:Fine little man you want in that's cool but remember that it is a trail bases.You still need to show you want to be here and can hang in there with the main players.We're here to win it all and run the show.
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PostSubject: Re: reunion and new members   

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reunion and new members
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