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 Interview with Kezz Tackle

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PostSubject: Interview with Kezz Tackle   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:21 am

( Kezz was walking towards the ring when he was intercepted by a reporter.

Kezz: What? Can't you see I'm busy. I'm...chokes on saliva

Interviewer: Woah! Easy! I ain't gonna eat you. I just want to ask...

Kezz grabs the microphone and uses it to smash the interviewer head causing him to fall. Grabbing a steel chair, Kezz assaults the fallen interviewer.

Kezz: You see... David, look here.

Camera zooms into Kezz's face

Kezz: This will be the fate of those who opposes me. Look carefully!

Kezz grabs bleeding interviewer and locks in a crossface which the interviewer taps madly. Kezz refuses to release the lock.

Wrestler #1: Knock it off Kezz! Let go!!! Do you hear me? Let go!

Kezz releases his lock and gets up, yelling into the wrestler face before locking another crossface to the injured interviewer, who starts to faint. Several wrestlers attempt to break the hold but Kezz held on.

Wrestler #2: Kezz! He's innocent! Let go!

Kezz ignored that wrestler. Suddenly, David rushes towards Kezz.

David please continue...
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Kezz Tackle   Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:54 pm

not added yet.. can't fit in first show.. maybe later!?
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Interview with Kezz Tackle
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