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 David "Lock-up" Johnson

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david Johnson

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PostSubject: David "Lock-up" Johnson   David "Lock-up" Johnson I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 06, 2010 9:28 am

Name: David "Lock-up" Johnson

Feud: Kezz Tackle

Gimmick: Face

Weight: Light Heavyweight 195 lbs.

Hieght: 6' 7"

Finishers: Skull Crushing Barage, Show Stopping Big Boot, Crushing Finale

Signature moves: Body Slam

David "Lock-up" Johnson Cholo


Complete Entrance:

Weighing in at Two-hundred and Ninty-five pounds he is a former assylum champion, He Is David "Lock-up: Joohnson!!!!!!
David makes his way to the ring as fireworks shoot from the sides of the ramp
-wearing a White beater and Jeans-

Bio: Grew up playing football for his highschool. He was the star widereciever and one of the best wrestlers at his school. One day there was the playoff game for Football and the Nationals for wrestling. He had to chose between the two. He chose wrestling. He went to Ohio State university and got a full ride scholarship for wrestling. He won to national titles while wrestling for Ohio State. Later He joined up in the ELW and became the second Assylum Champion and holding that title until the show shut down. He was out of a job, low on cash and no where to go. He was living on the streets for a year before he was framed for the murder of a women. After three years in jail the detectives discovered they made a mistake and released him. They gave him 200,000 dollars to keep his mouth shut. He baught his own gym and a home. He built his muscles to where they were basically leathal weopens. When he went to a restruant the janitor saw him. David knew who the Janitor was. The Janitor was a very popular host of a Wrestling industry. A wrestling industry known as XFWA. David Signed a contract instantly.
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David "Lock-up" Johnson
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