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 Seltor's testimony (Live Evil - 01/08)

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PostSubject: Seltor's testimony (Live Evil - 01/08)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:06 pm

The tron gains life as a cameraman walks through the back corridors of the arena searching for a room, he walked by, the camera kept waving left and right for some strange reason. Finally, he arrived at a black wooden door with the letters "Seltor" written on them with dark red metal pieces, although they were merely colored metal, they were so masterfully done, that the cameraman gulped at that sight as if it was blood. He knocked on the door, once, twice, three times before a voice inside was heard.

"Come in, i am expecting you" the voice was low on tone, almost threatening, but that could well be just the cameraman's imagination or simply it was due to the locked thick wooden door. Doing as instructed, the man opened the door with a slight effort thanks to the heaviness of such entrance. Inside everything was shadowy and illuminated with a dark red light contributing to give the room a gloomy look.

In the far wall, a elaborate sculpted dark wooden chair was visible. The chair had skulls and death motifs all around and on it, Seltor was seating as if on a throne. He waved to the cameraman to come closer, and that guy took three steps in till he was ordered to stop. "Good, you came just on time, fans in the audience, i asked this man to come to my locker room because i had something to say to you all. As i told last week, on that very ring, i was going to win my match against Vilius, and so i did. This week, i have a tag match, with whom and against whom i don't know, nor do i care. Against me, there can only be one outcome, my victory and their loss. The Scourge of the Rings has come, and those not worthy will be consumed. In the end, this federation will shine as only the best of the best will touch that very ring you so much worship."

Seltor finished talking and signaled to the cameraman it was time to leave.

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PostSubject: Re: Seltor's testimony (Live Evil - 01/08)   Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:59 pm

nice, thanx added to the show!
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Seltor's testimony (Live Evil - 01/08)
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